Numbered Heads Together Cooperative Learning Strategy

Another awesome cooperative learning strategy to use all the time, but especially during test prep season is Numbered Heads Together. This activity is a great method for working in teams.

How to: Numbered Heads Together

Using any open ended problem you would like, display the problem so that everyone can see it. Give everyone some think time where they are NOT writing anything down.


Students write their answers secretly, white boards are great for this.

Then, each student hides their answer so that others can not see it. 

Once everyone has completed the problem and has their own answer, students show their answer to each other. If they all have the same answer they erase to show that they agree and are ready. If they do not have the same answer then they must work out the problem together until they do have the same answer. This is perfect for having students practice their academic vocabulary. 


Once all of the boards have been erased to show they agree on an answer the teacher calls on a random student to answer the question. 

This is another strategy that puts each student in the teacher's seat because they have to explain how they go their answer to their team when they disagree. I truly believe that if you teach someone else how to do something then you understand it yourself. This strategy is perfect for that very reason. 

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  1. What a great way to have students working in groups and having to explain their thought process! I am going to try this!


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